Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Free WiFi Booster app for Android

By using WiFi smartphone users can indeed be more free to do various activities such as Internet browsing, downloading apps, streaming video, and much more without fear of losing the quota or in the data packet. But as we might tektahui that usually do not have a WiFi broad range though. Only certain areas that are in the settings can use WiFi signals to electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

The distance is a little further away alone could reduce the quality of the WiFi signal which can reduce the speed of Internet access. Therefore, no wonder if the Android device users use applications that can be used to strengthen the WiFi signal. Actually it is not just the distance that could affect any network services such as the weather, and also the strength of the network itself. If you have problems about jaringn, it would not hurt if you try some of the WiFi signal amplifier applications that you can try to use via your Android device.

Here WiFi Signal Booster Free Application for Android

wifi Analyzer

Wifi Analyzer is a free WiFi signal booster application the best in Android. This application was developed by farpoc that fit into the category of tools. This application is very popular in the Play Store with a Top Developer proven that the application Wifi Analyzer earn as much as 4.4 rating out of 5 stars. By using this application can help you in finding jaringn WiFi is not crowded trlalu used to include a graphical form. Until now Wifi Analyzer application has been downloaded and installed 50 million users with a size of only 2.2MB alone. This application requires Android operating system ranging from 2.3 or above.

WiFi Manager

The next application is developed by WiFi Manager Kostya Vasilyev also. a Top Developer in the Play Store. This application is gain as much as 4.1 rating of 5 stars in the Play Store. By using the WiFi Manager application so allows users to find, manage, and also connect a WiFi network. Besides WiFi Manager can also help in finding the nearest place to get a strong WiFi signal. To use the WiFi Manager application then you need at least Android version 2.1 or above with a size of only 1.8 MB only. WiFi Manager application to date has been downloaded and installed up to 50 million users.

Network Signal Speed ??Booster

Application free WiFi signal booster third best in this discussion is the Network Signal Speed ??Booster developed by MCStealth Apps that go into the Tools category. By using this application can help in connecting the smartphone you use to base stations with the strongest signals were helpful in providing connection speeds. Until now Network Signal Speed ??Booster telag downloaded and installed up to 500 thousand users with a size of only 1.8 MB only. To use the Network Signal Speed ??Booster app requires a minimum operating system version 2.2 or above.

Thus the earlier discussion about some WiFi signal amplifier applications that you can use with your Android device. For other applications that you can use as Free Zone - Free WiFi scanner, WiFi Radar, WiFi Booster Easy Connect, Connect WiFi, and much more.


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