Tuesday, March 29, 2016

How to Treat Heartburn

Heat in itself be a problem for most people. Although not one chronic disease, but the heat in causing many problems for sufferers. The problem assortment like sense of feeling ill until the problem eating less food will taste delicious. Therefore, when you're hot in or sprue also should be quickly treated and solved by using drugs. '

Basically to treat heartburn can be done in many ways such as the use of natural herbal remedies or also using chemical drugs that can be bought in drug stores. However on this occasion will discuss some ways to treat heartburn the natural way. Well get on with it, for you who do not know how just how, refer to the discussion below.

Here are Some Ways To Treat Heartburn Naturally

Young coconut

How to treat heartburn The first is to utilize young coconuts. Young coconut is known to have many essential nutrients needed by the body. Coconuts can use to refresh as well as treat heat in the body. For how to use coconut, you can mix with 3 tablespoons of honey fruit native to the first young coconuts. In addition to drinking, you can also eat from young coconut meat that also has many benefits. Young coconut contains electrolytes needed by the body to replace electrolytes lost due to day activities.

Juice of Lemon with Honey

How to treat heartburn naturally the second is by utilizing a mixture of lemon juice with natural honey. It is also quite effective in helping to treat heartburn in the body. This is because honey and lemon contains nutrients such as vitamin C which helps in keeping the body endurance. Well for the way it is applied, you can take one tablespoon of pure honey and mix it into the warm water that have previously been mixed with the juice of a lemon. Both combinations have excellent natural way in helping to treat heartburn.

Green beans

How to treat heartburn third is to use green beans. The green beans are included into the nuts that contain a high enough fiber in it. The fiber content is not only good for the body's digestive health, but also good to help eliminate heat in the body. Even eating green beans regularly will help in improving the immune system of the body. Well for you who want to take advantage of green beans to treat heartburn, then you can consume stew of green beans that have been mixed with ginger and rock sugar to taste.


For in this way can be utilized by cooking in advance by mixing it with a little water. Just like with salt, in kencur or turmeric has many natural minerals that can aid in the treatment of heartburn.

Thus was a few ways that you can try to do to assist in treating heat in the body. For other ways, you could also use salt water. The salt water will not only help in treating heartburn, you can also use to help treat cavities. This is because it contains iodized salt and other natural minerals that can help in overcoming the problems such as heartburn.


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